Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5


Compatible with Windows™, PlayStation 4™, PlayStation 5™
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HORI brings the best in build quality, customization options, and authentic racing simulation with the Racing Wheel APEX for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. HORI’s design team has brought all the features and quality of a full-size racing wheel at an affordable price. Massive 270 degree turn-ratio – Completely programmable & adjustable – Vibration feedback – PS5, PS4 & PC compatible. The Racing Wheel APEX clamps securely to your table or racing wheel stand with sturdy clamps and steel parts. The full-size pedals are built to last. Change from 270 degrees to 180-degree turn ratio on the fly and fine-tune other settings such as dead zone, pedal sensitivity, and more. Cross the finish line with the all-new RWA: Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Officially licensed by Sony.


  • Compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC
  • Full-size racing wheel and pedals optimized for authentic racing simulation
  • 270-degree turn radius with adjustable output options
  • Mount security with sturdy clamp system
  • Officially Licensed by Sony

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